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The choice of a man-friendly city and of a functional structure can be important factors for the success of an event..
In Bellaria Igea Marina Palacongressi and Palazzo del Turismo can house up to 1.500 people and they have also special places and halls with 90 to 300 seats.
Located in the city center and easy to reach from the hotels, thanks to their flexibility they can meet all kinds of demands and needs. Moreover the city, with its restaurants, bars and shops, offers its services strictly in relation to the organisation of the event.
Bellaria Igea Marina can also offer also special and unusual locations, for example in equipped spaces along the beach or in charming rooms of old buildings. Furthermore Rimini Exhibition, today’s one of the best place for all kind of event, is really near.

Bellaria Igea Marina

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Cafè / Ice-cream shop
Wine bar

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