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Romagna is a land of natural flavours, you can taste its typical homemade recipes in its restaurants or trattoria, but it is also the heartland of piadina (the typical flatbread). Piadina is usually served with deli fresh and local cheeses as appetizer or snack, in its simplicity is really good. But the true queen of the table is homemade pasta: taste tagliatelle (noodles), ravioli, strozzapreti and cappelletti served with savoury meat or fish sauce and at the end, you have to taste the savoury grilled fish or the typical fish soup of the local fishers, here called ‘brodetto’.  
Each meal can be served together with a good and tasty glass of wine, better if coming from the local hills, such as the Sangiovese of Rimini hills, which, thanks to the careful work of the country wine industries, in the last few years has reached high quality levels. Instead, the production of extra virgin olive oil dates back to old traditions and for its excellence it has been rewarded with the European Dop.
In Bellaria Igea Marina there are many events dedicated to the discovery of old land flavours: starting in January with "La Mora Romagnola", a delicious local pork species, going on in May with "Il Pinzimonio" and "La Borgata che Danza" and ending with the big Summer leaving party, dedicated to the very humble food which is become the symbol of Romagna kitchen in the world "La piadina, anima e tradizione" (‘La piadina, soul and tradiiton’).
Music, dances, shows and convivial moments follow each events joining good food to the happiness of meeting people. In this country that has to be discovered, gourmets and eno-gastronomy lovers can follow the Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori (Road of Wines and Flavours), a special itinerary starting from the sea ending on the hills among taverns, wine bars, restaurants, grinders, farm holidays and workshops.


Published on 2014
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