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Bellaria Igea Marina is a real open air gym and the presence of modern and functional sport facilities, motivated and resourceful sport associations and many hotels equipped to meet athletes’ needs, make this city the perfect destination to organise stage, training camp or sport events.
In Romagna cycling is one of the most important sport, it is an integral part of its culture, for this reason many sport events are directly related or dedicated to this sport. Bicycle touring itineraries in the country, from sweet hills up to very difficult rises, are the suggestive frame to many international races, such us the Nove Colli, or easier races like Mareterra.
Bellaria Igea Marina has also been chosen by ANSPI as destination of its ‘Summer Festival’, each year thousands of young meet here to join to matches of volleyball, basketball, football, five-a-side, athletics and table tennis.
Thanks to urban comforts (sport facilities are really easy to reach also on foot), citizen typical hospitality and passion for sport, during sport events the city can to its best to match participants and organizers expectations.


Bellaria Igea Marina

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